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Dream Garden
I followed a fragment of a memory that fluttered down to me.
[Lyrics] SingerSen - 藍色水母 (Blue Jellyfish) 
15th-Mar-2013 04:43 pm
Artist: 歌者森 (SingerSen)
Album: 森視界 (The World in My Eyes)
Song: 藍色水母 (Blue Jellyfish)

I've swum for a long time, this blue planet
I just want a taste of this new kind of freedom

During the day and in the night, I've never looked back
My transparent body lights up

At the end of my dreams, you wave to me
Desiring for my gentleness

Your smiling face, your touching glance
Should I reach out my hands?

In that instant moment, the brilliant sky
Stings my eyes

The ice-cold net, the ice-cold boat
Ceased my breath

Your smiling face, the call of the devil
Kills my love

The blue fantasy, the blue flames
Are no match for your danger

At the end of my dreams, the blue planet
Will you be lonely after losing me?

Flower alan
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